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StillPoint Christmas Internet Retreat


December 11, 2021

"The Gift"

The greatest Gift we have ever been given is the Incarnation.  Man is the capacity to know God.  And the Christ, through Jesus of Nazareth, gave us that great Gift.  He gave us the opportunity to experience our oneness with Him and to live our lives in Him.  It is said that:

"Jesus did not come to teach us how to be spiritual.  

We already are.  

He came to teach us how to be fully human."

In the early part of the retreat, we will revisit the nature and purpose of the Incarnation.  Later there will be periods of deep contemplation on the nature of the Christ.  These contemplations serve to enlighten our consciousness and bring us into attunement with the Divine Nature.  This is a truly transformative experience.  

Later we will reveal what is described as "The Gift."  This is the teaching of Christ Consciousness.  It is the teaching of wholeness.  It is the teaching of living a life in God Communion.  

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During this Christmas Season we are giving as our GIFT to you a number of special on-line mini retreats designed to prepare us for the COMING OF THE LIGHT.  These will be available to everyone via the internet similar to the meditations that come on Wednesday Nights.  These links will be made available (below) free to all until the first of the New Year.   

Four Weeks of Advent Meditation Services
Week 1 - Nov 24    Wisdom 
Week 2 - Dec 1        Love
Week 3 - Dec 8        Joy
Week 4 - Dec 15     Peace

Dec 22 - Christmas Meditation 
(Not the same as the Christmas Retreat on December 11th)

Dec 11 - Christmas Retreat - THE GIFT

Dec 29 - New Year's Meditation 


All Christmas Program meditations will be posted above at 7AM EST on the day scheduled and will be available until after the first of the New Year.

The four one hour meditations of Advent, the one hour Christmas meditation (not to be confused with the Dec 11th big "THE GIFT" retreat) and the one hour New Year meditation are at no cost and available to everyone.  

However, there is a $295 charge for the December 11th On-line Christmas Retreat "THE GIFT."  We really encourage you all to participate.  No one is ever turned away for financial reasons.  In this retreat we have the traditional "Incarnation Story" coming alive from a deep state of transformative Silence and we have "The Gift" in which we learn what it is meant to be Fully Human.  This revelation of Pure Knowledge is a first for StillPoint.  Please join us.  

For your Christmas Retreat reservations, please call or text

Judy Tache' on 603-490-2271 - Email