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StillPoint Easter Season Program 2023

Weekly Meditations

Special One Hour Holy Week
Mini- Retreats

Special Weekly "State of Grace" Contemplations



IN PERSON - at Wylie Inn and Conference Center.  

AT HOME via online link 

4/1 Saturday




The Weekly Meditations and Special One Hour Holy Week Mini-Retreats are at NO COST and available to everyone.  


Wylie In House Retreat:  The charge for the April 1st, 2023 In Person Easter Retreat "THE STATE OF GRACE"  at Wylie is $395.  This will include  (1) a hot catered breakfast and hot catered luncheon  nd (2) participants in the Wylie In Person Retreat will have free access to the In-Home audio-visual online Retreat.


At Home Easter Retreat: For participating at home for viewing via the internet, the link will be available from the morning of April 1st through July 1st.  The cost of the In-Home audio-visual online Retreat is $295.


We really encourage you all to participate.  No one is ever turned away for financial reasons.  Please join us.  And make your hotel reservations ASAP.

For your Easter Retreat reservations, please call or text

Judy Tache' on 603-490-2271 - Email

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