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God and Adam

“Nothing short of the direct experience of God

will ever satisfy our needs for
wholeness, fulfillment and completion.”

The Still Point

At the center of all life is a silent, transcendent still point. It is a point of light around which all things form and are given life. This still point is the presence of Divinity within Creation. It the formlessness around which forms emerge. It is the basis of ineffable peace, love, wisdom and joy. It belongs to no one religion, spirituality or path. It is within us as our inherent nature. It is our birthright. All mystics know this point and live from its fullness.

“Whenever two or more of you are gathered in My Name,
there is Love

In the mid 90’s, a small group formed to meditate and study the works of the saints and sages. The experience the group had was so profound that we wanted to share that experience with others. In 2000, StillPoint was formed with the mission statement: “To alleviate human suffering by providing an alternative way of experiencing life in wholeness.” As we had hoped, the participants had profound and transformative experiences. It was time to establish a regular retreat program. That was more than 100 retreats ago! And today retreatants report that even after a long day at work and a long drive to Massachusetts, they can experience the deep core of peace after a short period of time in the Silence.

StillPoint is not about constructing a building, or establishing a cult or a social group. Rather than build an outer temple, we focus all of our resources on the true temple that is within. There is nothing cultish about StillPoint. People are free to take whatever they deem valuable and leave the rest. There is no initiation or demand for loyalty to this or that teacher or guru or body of knowledge. To that end, ours is a silent community, free from the inevitable distractions of “social groups.”

We have no specific affiliation with any structured religion or philosophy; rather we teach the core of all spirituality which is:

There is Only One, and we can realize this One,
here and now, as our very Self.

We teach the ways of the Divine Feminine. Most spiritual paths have a “masculine” orientation and would have us struggle to attain something they say we are missing; or the great misunderstanding ~ that we are not adequate enough and have to change. In the approach of Feminine Spirituality we don’t struggle with rules, postures, teachers, gurus and techniques; rather we gently realize our own inner state – our wholeness - that has always been with us. We speak of the Divine as Mother – and what mother would make it difficult for her children to know her? Even us householders, outside of a monastery and in the world, we are Her children and she has given us a way to live a full inner life - while fulfilling our duties in the outer world.

What we teach is the essence of the teachings of all the great ones such as Jesus of Nazareth, Rumi, the Carmelite mystics, the prophets of old, Paramahansa Yogananda and mystics of all traditions.

Thus StillPoint – the experience of the Silence within.

The Mystical Path is the soul’s journey from separation back to union.  On this homeward journey we are seeking our own innermost essence, the pearl of great price that lies hidden within the heart.

Our main focus is “Mystical Spirituality” which, simply stated, is the experience of the Divine within. Our practical goal is to live to our fullest potential by being “whole and balanced,” living the full value of relative creation as well as the full value of the Infinite Being from which all life springs. 

The analogy we like to use is that of the individual as a “wave” on the Ocean, living in creation with a unique individuality.  Then, through the understanding and consciousness-raising techniques of Mystical Spirituality, we introduce that “wave” to its Source, the Ocean Itself.  This allows the “wave” to live a life of not only power, intelligence and creativity, but also a life of love, peace, wisdom, and joy that is the nature
of the Source, the Ocean, the Divine Within. 

Our Mission

The StillPoint Mission is to teach “Silence” and the “Pure Knowledge” that supports the experience of the God within and brings the Grace of God to all beings around us. This Silence is the basis of all peace, inner and outer.

The StillPoint program is about providing a
personal experience of the Living Presence within, which is the only true and sure method for transforming the self and creating a world in harmony with God’s Will, at peace with itself, and filled with Love--both human and Divine.

About StillPoint Retreats

StillPoint Silent Retreats are about the ageless Mystical Path of the Divine Feminine.  StillPoint Silent Retreats are designed to give you the experience of your true and innermost Self.  It is experiential and practical.  You will be given very simple and effective techniques to retain this state of Living Silence while being in the intense activity of everyday life.  It is a transformative experience that is natural and spontaneous.

It is the Mystical Feminine principle of “relaxing and releasing tension” to receive, in contrast to the masculine principle of “striving to attain.” It brings us to the conscious awareness of who we truly are--a unique and individual aspect of Divinity Itself! It is an evolutionary expansion of our identity introducing us to the inner state of Grace, which is the home and source of Love, Peace, Wisdom and Joy.


Silence vibrating is Creation

Silence flowing is Love

Silence shared is Friendship

Silence seen is Infinity

Silence heard is the Name of God

Silence expressed is Beauty

Silence maintained is Strength

Silence omitted is Suffering

Silence experienced is Peace

Silence recorded is Sacred Scripture

Silence preserved is the Spiritual Path

Silence given is Grace

Silence received is Joy

Silence perceived is Wisdom

Silence stabilized is Realization

Silence alone IS