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"Nothing short of the

direct experience of God

will ever satisfy our needs

for wholeness, fulfillment

and completion."

The Still Point

At the center of all life is a silent, transcendent still point. It is a point of light around which all things form and are given life.  This still point is the presence of Divinity within Creation.  It is the formlessness around which forms emerge.  It is the basis of ineffable peace, love, wisdom and joy.  It belongs to no one religion, spirituality or path.  It is within us as our inherent nature.  It is our birthright.  All mystics know this point and live from its fullness.  

"Whenever two or more of you are gathered in My Name,

there is Love."

The StillPoint program is about providing a personal experience of the Living Presence within, which is the only true and sure method for transforming the self and creating a world in harmony with God's Will, at peace with itself, and filled with Love -- both human and Divine.  

We have no specific affiliations with any structured religion or philosophy; rather we teach the core of all spirituality which is:

There is Only One, and we can realize this One,

here and now, as our very Self.  


We teach the ways of the Divine Feminine.  Our main focus is "Mystical Spirituality" which, simply stated, is the experience of the Divine within. What we teach is the essence of the teachings of all the great ones such as Jesus of Nazareth, Rumi, the Carmelite mystics, the prophets of old, Paramahansa Yogananda and mystics of all traditions. 

The Mystical Path is the soul's journey from separation back to union.  On this homeward journey we are seeking our own innermost essence, the pearl of great price that lies hidden within the heart.  

Thus StillPoint - the experience of the Silence within.  


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