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Ongoing One Hour Retreat

"Stirring the Silence Weekly in Your Home"


If you are a new to the Ongoing One Hour Retreats please read this introduction or the Ongoing One Hour Retreat Introduction document before participating for the first time.

Thank you for joining us.  Each week we send an email with a link to a recorded audio-visual One Hour Retreat which includes a talk, prayers and meditation.  

Each weekly One Hour Retreat recording will be available on the Weekly Retreat Link page and will be available for you to revisit for 3 months on the Link To Past Retreats page.  


You can watch and participate at home at any time you choose.

The basic core teachings presented in the One Hour Retreats will also be available monthly in print on the Symposium page.


For meditation we use an ancient chant used by the early mystics of the Christian community to invoke in our hearts the presence of the Principle of Universal Love - The Christ.  To meditate listening to a chant is very simple and very effective.  Just relax, close your eyes and listen.  The chant meditates you!  It is a form of feminine spirituality known as mystical spirituality which is the experience of oneness, unity and love without masculine effort and strict doctrines of separation.  

1.  Om Jesu Christi Chant

We start by Listening to the Chant.  Relax, don't concentrate or try.  The chant meditates you!

2.  You can download the chant - OM JESU CHRISTI CHANT

Om - Eternal Father, the Universal "All That Is"

Jesu - the Master Jesus who embodies the fullness of the Christ

Christi - the Word, the first Principle, the thought of God that became creation and guides things to their full potential

Miserere - "have mercy on us / shed thy Grace on us"

Nobis -  us; all of humanity and all of creation

3.  Introductory Prayer

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Friend, Beloved God, Lord Jesus Christ

Saints and Sages of all traditions

Be here with us now.

May your love shine forever 

On the sanctuary of our devotion

And may we awaken Thy Love in all hearts.

4.  Then we have a Brief Talk reflective of Pure Knowledge.  There are many, many topics covered here, serving to build the foundation of universal spiritual knowledge.  Although the trappings of the meditation have a Christian flavor, we use the universal truths of Christianity to illumine the Oneness and truth of all religions and spiritual paths that lead you to Oneness with God.  Again, we are not a religion or sect, we have no doctrines or dogmas, but we do use non-denominational, mystical Christian understanding to teach the tenants of Universal Truth.  Our mission is to help alleviate human suffering by showing people other ways to see and experience life - a life of wholeness filled with the blessings of love, peace, wisdom and joy.  

5.  The Om Jesu Christi Chant (20 minutes).  Close your eyes and relax.  The chant will meditate you.  No effort!

6.  Divine Mercy Chaplet (7 repetitions)

This is a very powerful prayer given to Saint Faustina in an apparition by Jesus of Nazareth in which we ask to be part of His work here on earth bringing love and peace to all souls.  The words need serious translation because they are somewhat in an archaic grammar and syntax.  Taken literally they can not be understood and are off putting.  Let's go through them now.  


"Eternal Father, we offer You the Body and Blood, soul and divinity of Your dearly beloved son our Lord Jesus Christ..."


This statement in which we ask to participate (offer) in the life and mission of the Father's perfect reflection in creation - His Son.


"In atonement for our sins and for those of the whole world..."


Don't let the term "sin" put you off.  There is something much bigger to this statement.  

In affect, this statement recognizes that the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, had ultimately brought mankind back into "at-one-with" the Truth of the Father.  That Truth is that we are united with Him which is our unity with Him.  We are not separate - that is the Good News of scripture.  Sin, rather than being perceived as a mere "act," is used to describe a general state of acting in ignorance of who we really are - a mistaken identity, that we are separate, and this sense of separation invariably leads us away from the Light.  He told us the Truth of our identity.  That is the true meaning of salvation.  

"For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world."

This statement asks the Father to suspend the natural laws of cause and effect and invoke mercy - the suspension of these laws by using the passion of the Christ to balance the scales to alleviate our accumulated suffering.  

7.  Prayer to stir the Silence in all Hearts (7 repetitions)

In Him

We live

And move

And have our being.

This prayer reminds us that we are one with Him.  It helps us to remember our true identity - the identity of being the LIGHT.

8.  The Om Jesus Christi Chant is left on for the remainder of the hour.   


Some Useful Definitions:



"To suspend the natural laws of cause and effect" or ease some inevitable suffering.  A secondary meaning of mercy (miserere) here is "to shed Thy Grace" on us.  And "grace" is the state in which we are free from outer impediments to experiencing the Peace of Christ within.


As a state, sin is the absence of Light.  It is the absence of the state of Light - love, peace, wisdom and joy.  It is the effect of a deep sense of separation from the Whole.

As a noun, sin is any activity or thought or feeling that enhances darkness, overshadowing our inner peace - inner peace being a measure of the quality of our relationship with God.  A sin is anything that takes us out of harmony with Nature and our True Self.  


Please enjoy this experience.  We are so happy to be able to use technology to bring so many of you together fulfilling the promise that "Whenever two or more are of you are gathered in My Name, there is Love."  These times of meditation, contemplation and prayer have profound effects on your personal life and evolution as well as the welfare of our suffering world.  Participating with us is an act of love in and of itself.

Please remember that these One Hour Retreats are available for your viewing and participating in at any time.

Weekly Retreat Link

Link to Past Retreats

If you know someone who you may feel would like to join us weekly, please invite them! Have them contact Judy Tache at to register to receive the weekly emailed link.  

Universal Love

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