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Our Mission 

In the mid 90's, a small group formed to meditate and study the works of the great saints and sages.  The experience of the group was so profound that we wanted to share that experience with others.  In 2000, StillPoint was formed with the mission statement: "To alleviate human suffering by providing an alternative way to experience a life of wholeness."  One that unites the elements of a vibrant outer life and a fulfilling inner life.  As we had hoped, those who participated had profound and transformative experiences.  It was time to establish a regular retreat program.  That was more than 250 retreats ago!  And today, retreatants report that even after a long week at work and a long drive to Massachusetts, they can experience the deep core of peace after a short period of time in the Silence.  We have evolved however with the age of technology to provide weekly meditations which can be experienced over the internet at home.  And now, many of our retreats are in an audio-visual format that people can enjoy at their leisure, anytime and anyplace.  


StillPoint is not about constructing a building or establishing a cult or social group.  Rather than build an outer temple, we focus all of our resources on the true temple that is within.  There is nothing cultish about StillPoint.  People are free to take whatever they deem valuable and leave the rest.  There is no initiation or demand for loyalty to this or that teacher or guru or body of knowledge.  To that end, ours is a silent community, free from the inevitable distractions of "social groups."

The StillPoint Mission is to teach "Silence" and the "Pure Knowledge" that supports the experience of the God within and brings the Grace of God to all beings around us.  This Silence is the basis of all peace, inner and outer.  

The StillPoint program is about providing a personal experience of the Living Presence within, which is the only true and sure method for transforming the self and creating a world in harmony with God's Will, at peace with itself, and filled with Love -- both human and Divine.  

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