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The Nature of the Silent Retreat

Our spirituality is known as the mystical path.  It has as its primary objective "the restoration of human beings to their natural state, unity with God."  It includes the core teachings of all world religions: there is only One, and that One is God.


There are three pillars of the spiritual process:  Silence, Pure Knowledge and Practicing the Presence of God in our human awareness.  The StillPoint Silent Retreat program is designed specifically to introduce and enhance these processes during a day long program.  


Silence is the presence of God within creation.  We teach a very gentle and effective meditation technique to experience this Silence.  It is virtually effortless and is known as the Divine Feminine approach to God Communion.  

Pure Knowledge is the wisdom of the saints and other God Realized beings.  This wisdom is the container of understanding that holds the Silence allowing us to live from the nature of the soul while performing our duties in the world.  

Practicing the Presence is an act of conditioning the mind to turn within and enjoy the fruits of its natural relationship with its Source.

During a retreat you may well expect the three stages of spiritual growth to happen simultaneously.  The first is Purification.  The Silence and Pure Knowledge come into your consciousness and "burn out" all the inner patterns that keep us stuck in suffering.  The burning most often manifests itself as physical or emotional discomfort.  It comes, stays a while, and goes.  And when it has done its work, there is a sense of relief and lightness.  

At the same time you will experience Illumination.  During the periods of listening to Pure Knowledge something may come to your awareness that is very liberating or loving and joyful, giving you a sense of peace and well being.  The "truths" of Pure Knowledge are not like workshop learning.  These truths are written in your heart and in the Silence they are remembered.  Often, during the Pure Knowledge talks you will feel that you are "spaced out" or almost unconscious.  What is happening is that you are slipping deep into the Silence to the place from which the Pure Knowledge was cognized and expressed.  In other words you are experiencing the deep state of the saint whose words and teachings you are listening to.  

At some point during the retreat you will feel a deep sense of bliss or inner well being and connectedness to something wonderful inside.  That is the experience of Union or God Communion.

To facilitate these processes and experiences our staff creates an environment conducive to quiet and solitude in a setting that is dignified and reverential.  That is why we ask you to keep silent and dress respectfully.  Trying to remember what you may have heard or seen is counterproductive.  Everything you experience at StillPoint Silent Retreats is imprinted in your consciousness and imprinted in your heart - activated as knowledge that is used at a very deep level of being subtly changing your perceptions and responses to life.  

The format we use for the retreat is time tested.  The results are predictable; and the Presence of God, His angels and His saints is palpable.  

We wholeheartedly welcome you to join us in being Present with Him.

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