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StillPoint Silent Retreats


The Consent to God's Presence Within

The picture of the hands in prayer is symbolic of a Silent Retreat.  A Silent Retreat is a time of "consent to God's Presence within."  Having no dogma or alliance with any specific religion, teacher, lifestyle, or spiritual tradition, our techniques are universal, simple and effective.  We practice the approach of the Divine Feminine which is called Mystical Spirituality - the perspective that there is only One taking on the myriad of forms as creation with Love as its basis and Peace as its fruit.  This tradition is the foundation of contemplative spirituality taken from the monastic cloisters and presented to a modern day society of householders with everyday responsibilities.  There is no need to change your life, but to infuse it with Life Itself.

The path to our inner nature is a simple one.  So simple, that it is overlooked in our rush to fill our lives with more and more of that which we are not truly seeking.  It is a subtle shift in focus and an expansion of perspective.  The path is an allowing for Silence and a silencing of the noise that conceals the higher states of consciousness.  It is a reversal and balance of the life energy from an exclusive focus out into the excitation of the world, to a gentle upward and inward flow into the Eternal Self within.  

Ideal Candidate:

  • Theistic approach to spirituality

  • Good health

  • Ability to sit for three 60 minute sessions

  • Has read "The Journey of the Soul" to understand the vocabulary and fundamental principles of Mystical Spirituality



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