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The Way of a Pilgrim by Helen Bacovcin

This is a tale of a pilgrim who wanders Russia practicing the "Jesus Prayer."  He has many personal encounters with the profound transformational effects of this sacred practice. This book inspires and enlightens the path of continuous prayer and of using the Sacred Name to transform ourselves from human separateness to Divine Communion.  We advise that you look past the old and traditional cultural language that sometimes goes with ancient orthodox articulation of Truth and capture the spirit of Love Itself taking possession of the heart.  

"These and similar consolations led me to conclude that the fruits of the Prayer of the Heart can be experienced in three ways: in the spirit, in the emotions and in revelations. In the spirit, one can experience the sweetness of love of God, inner peace, purity of thought, awareness of God's Presence, and ecstasy.  In the emotions, a pleasant warmth of the heart, a feeling of delight throughout one's being, joyful bubbling in the heart, lightness and courage, joy of life, and indifference to sickness and sorrow.  And in revelation, on receives the enlightenment of the mind, understanding of Holy Scripture, knowledge of speech of all creatures, renunciation of vanities, awareness of the sweetness of the interior life, and confidence in the nearness of God and His Love for us."

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The Way of a Pilgrim by Helen Bacovcin

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