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StillPoint Christmas Retreat


December 2, 2023

"The Celebration of LIGHT"

The greatest Gift we have ever been given is the Incarnation.  Man is the capacity to know God.  And the Christ, through Jesus of Nazareth, gave us that great Gift.  He gave us the opportunity to experience our oneness with Him and to live our lives in Him.  It is said that:

"Jesus did not come to teach us how to be spiritual.  

We already are.  

He came to teach us how to be fully human."

In the early part of the retreat, we will revisit the nature and purpose of the Incarnation.  Later there will be periods of deep contemplation on the nature of the Christ.  These contemplations serve to enlighten our consciousness and bring us into attunement with the Divine Nature.  This is a truly transformative experience.  

Later we will reveal what is described as "The Gift."  This is the teaching of Christ Consciousness.  It is the teaching of wholeness.  It is the teaching of living a life in God Communion.  

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During this Christmas Season we are giving as our GIFT to you a number of Christmas Contemplation Letters and special on-line mini retreats designed to prepare us for the COMING OF THE LIGHT.  These will be available to everyone via the internet similar to the meditations that come on Wednesday Nights.  These links will be made available (below) free to all until the first of the New Year.   

Eight Weeks of Christmas Contemplation Letters 
Click here to view the
Christmas Contemplation Letters.

Four Weeks of Advent Meditation Services
Week 1 - Nov 22    Wisdom 
Week 2 - Nov 29    Love
Week 3 - Dec 6       Joy
Week 4 - Dec 13    Peace

Nov 15 - Dec 2 - Christmas Fundraiser

Dec 2 - Christmas Retreat -
The Celebration of LIGHT"
Click the image below to view the Introduction to the Christmas Retreat:

Dec 24 - Christmas Meditation 
(Not the same as the Christmas Retreat on December 2nd)

Dec 31 - New Year's Meditation 

All Christmas Program meditations will be made available (via links in the above menu) on the day scheduled and will remain available until after the first of the New Year.

The four one hour meditations of Advent, the one hour Christmas meditation and the one hour New Year meditation are at no cost and available to everyone.  

The charge for the December 2nd In-Person Wylie Retreat is $395.  This includes the retreat and the Christmas luncheon "feast"; as well, you will receive the In-Home online retreat as part of your Wylie Retreat program to view at home at your convenience.


The charge for the In-Home online retreat, for those not participating in person at Wylie is $295.


Remember, no one is ever turned away for financial reasons which is why we really encourage you all to participate either in-person or online.  


In this retreat we have the traditional "Incarnation Story" coming alive from a deep state of transformative Silence and we have "The Gift" in which we learn what it is meant to be Fully Human.  This revelation of Pure Knowledge is a core teaching of StillPoint.  Please join us.  

For your Christmas Retreat reservations, please call or text

Judy Tache' on 603-490-2271, at your earliest convenience, seating is limited. 


StillPoint Retreats

A StillPoint Retreat is a process encapsulated in an event.  Much like a pearl on a string of beads.  In contrast to theological knowledge-based training, we go beyond the mind to dwell in the Silence of the Soul.  This is about the experience of God, not just information.  It's about the meal and not the menu!  And it is in the experience where real and permanent spiritual evolution takes place.  This process takes much repetition, repetition, repetition.  How many hundreds of thousands of throws must a baseball pitcher throw before he is proficient and has trained his body's eye hand coordination to near perfection?  The white tee shirt (the mind that looks outside) needs many repetitive experiences of the yellow dye (Silence and Pure Knowledge) before it recognizes its ONENESS with its Source.

These retreats are not for entertainment, but for transformation.  Entertainment stimulates and gratifies the senses.  A retreat allows us to go underneath the senses to the peace of the Divine Presence that lies deep within.  So, repetition is our necessary friend.  

Each retreat may have similarities to others, but your experience will be different.  You experience will be deeper and deeper and life changing.  How do you know?  Well, ask yourself: "Are you bothered as much this year by the things that bothered you last year?"

We speak to your Heart during a retreat, the core of your being, and it takes time to recognize your own Divinity and make that the cornerstone of your identity.  This is because we have been taught from the beginning that God is absent, we are not worthy, and the journey is near impossible.  That toxic belief takes a ling time to be substituted with the Pure Knowledge that "Father, Thou and I are One," and the subsequent experience of Peace and Love that fills us as we remember.  This is our true reality.  This is the message of the saints and mystics, without contradiction, in all the world's spiritual traditions.  So, it takes time and repetition to reprogram our operating system to receive all that He offers us.  It's a process!  One pearl at a time.  

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