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The Journey of the Soul by Jerry Thomas


Here the author describes the spiritual journey in terms of the "seven states of consciousness."  This is a blend of Eastern and Western spirituality touching on the mystical.  The book is a mixture of the masculine "definitions" of God, creation, individuality, love, etc., as well as sweet feminine "mystical poetry" that captures the essence of communion and union with the One.  Its primary purpose is to give clarity to the "Tower of Babel" type confusion existing today in which the meanings of such fundamental elements of spirituality are either lost or misunderstood.  The author clarifies in modern language the visions, principles and hope as expounded by the timeless God Realized Masters, sages and saints.

The Mystical Life:

"God is simple; everything else is complex."

"The life of a mystic is simplicity itself.  To a mystic this life is not centered on a grandiose sense of needing to "do" something external.  It focuses not on what we do, but who we become.  It is measured not in outer accomplishment, but by the depth of our Self-Realization.  Its effects on the human race and material nature are profound.  This life concerns itself with changing consciousness, not beliefs and conditions.  Conditions are the products of consciousness.  When you change the root cause of conditions (consciousness), then right conditions emerge spontaneously."

"The Mystical Path is about living life outside the boundaries or dream of duality.  It does not concern itself so much with creating a personal reality as much as realizing Ultimate Reality.  The purpose of the Mystical Path is that we express our true nature, which is a merging of the individual self into the Source of Self Itself -- Divine Union."

"This is not a path of the old age, nor is it the path of the new age.  It is as ageless as its message: Nothing short of the direct experience of God will ever satisfy our need for wholeness, fulfillment and completion."

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The Journey of the Soul by Jerry Thomas

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