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The Mountain of Silence by Kyriakos Markides


Here, ancient Christianity is preserved, practiced and taught by Eastern Orthodox monks of Mt. Athos.  The monks remind us of the importance of prayer, invoking the Sacred Name in the ancient tradition of the Jesus Prayer, and illuminating us about the more hidden aspects of the Christian contemplative journey.  This is a wonderful primer and "reminder" of some of the many teachings and principles that have been lost to modern Christianity.  

"When a human being eradicates person desire (overshadowing personal desires, not the natural desires to eat, sleep and think), and reaches a state of liberation from egotistical (overshadowing) passions, they become a 'vessel of the Holy Spirit.'  Then whatever that person wishes is given because it is what God actually wishes.  The consciousness of the Saint is fully attuned with the Spirit of God."  

"When we empty our self of the 'me,' all that's left is God."

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The Mountain of Silence by Kyriakos Markides

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